Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

is an in-depth approach to emotional issues that an individual wishes to transform to build life balance and greater capacity for happiness.


Generally we start in a supportive, problem solving structured treatment  and increasingly engage in understanding and developing inner strengths via a more  psychodynamic psychotherapy.



Supportive Psychotherapy 

is an approach for someone facing on-going mental health challenges. We work on finding meaning in your life by meeting the issues as they present themselves.

Clients with symptoms of social isolation, depression, acute states of mood swings are welcome. Associated flights of ideas,  low concentration abilities, feelings of lack of recognition from others, self-medications and self-reproach are addressed. Together we begin and continue to learn about the self and how best to live, given who you are and what is important to you.


If you are exhausted by how brave you must be to survive day to day –  you will find support and understanding to improve the quality of your life.


Clients who identify with schizophrenia and the associated experiences of voice hearing and extreme fears are helped to cope, accept and create opportunity to shift the meaning of this gift to better suit their needs. What are you doing to stay tethered to this world?


Generally, what is your mission in this life? Who is your private self and the self the world knows? How do people love you? Do you love?


If you are reading this, your presence here is the healthy part of you ----- seeking connection.


Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

A well-suited modality for those who are feeling well but have a specific situation or life change that needs address. In the first 2 sessions we will identify a goal and work together towards resolution within approx. 10 appointments.


Consultation with current therapist, primary care doctor or psychiatrist ----- no charge.


Patients are given a receipt for their payment, due at the time of session. Patients can submit the receipt to their insurance company for reimbursement. Credit cards accepted.




Confidential  (from insurance) Private Pay


$225 for a 90-minute initial consultation


Psychodynamic Therapy

$155 for  50-minute sessions

Insurance Reimbursement handled either through direct pay or monthly superbill.





MediCAL Beacon Partnership --- Sonoma Cnty

United Health Care--Optum

MediCare and supplemental mental  health

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