Toward harmony for self and with others. 


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Mild to Moderate Distress

You are worried about situational distress and how you generally cope with things. You find yourself upset and no one to speak to about it to see if you are misreading a situation or social interaction. You perseverate on how you handle aspects of your life - feeling nervous that you are not liked. You lose sleep, have mood swings, finding parts of life (job, relationships, school, goal attainment) very frustrating and want to do it differently but at times kind of give up, or out of frustration get angry and get inwardly or outwardly destructive. You are in a transition and feel there is too much on your plate. You feel strangely triggered and sensitive about parts of your life and wish to feel more grounded, self reflective and knowledgeable. You have an inconsistent coping style. You are increasingly aware of it and it scares. You wish you could have someone to help you with it all.

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they do not vary that much. Actually all people are on a continuum of distress and self-perception is subjective.

Severe Distress

You may feel very alone in your personal life and have been reluctant to discuss your experiences with others for fear of being misunderstood.  You have experienced trauma as an adolescent, child or adult and have a highly emotional expression of feelings/or dissociative state, that crops up when current life gets stressful and taxing. You are very interested in your soul's journey and experiment with creating inner extreme states but it may have slipped into affecting your day to day functioning and reality. You have been diagnosed (correctly or not) with bi-polar and wish to work on creating a middle-ground personal coping style. You may have experience of voice hearing or hallucinations, either as part of a reaction to drugs or part of life. Additionally, you are interested understand the content and experiences from spiritual emergence and psychotic type symptoms. You may be an artist - delving into your inner creative source and drives.  Having a history of hospitalization may have affected your recovery and you wish to understand and bring healthier understanding and closure to the experience.

The more withered the reality, the more gigantic the dream.


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