You might consider trying a temporary break or recess from the profound personal battle which you are keeping at bay... consider at least a trial change from the  isolation created by this battle...enter therapy... the dialogue about what matters.



Jana’s practice brings together a deep caring for the human condition, philosophical interests in peoples' stories and lives as they relate to family life, joys, loss, trauma, grief, exhaltation, personal growth. She has keen observation of self and others. Attention is paid to the ongoing rebuilding of a narrative which allows for a new cohesion and life purpose.


There are many important conversations to be had in this life.


The specific treatment offered is individualized and based upon each person's preferences and issues.


On-going rapport with treating psychiatrist is possible and sometimes indicated.



Extreme States/psychosis  

Jana Morgan has a sub specialty of providing treatment to clients who experience symptoms associated with extremes states. Sometimes a historic or current diagnosis of mood disorder with psychotic features, schizoaffective disorder and associated symptoms, diagnosis of schizophrenia, as well as mind experiences and drug related psychosis are known to the client.  She also helps people struggling with wide mood fluctuations characteristic of bipolar states - at times due to circumstantial life events and trauma. Dual diagnosis clients welcome depending on stages of recovery.





Licensed therapist in the state of California by the BBS. LCSW designates Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Jana has 20 years plus experience of working in the field of mental health; outpatient clinics, inpatient psychiatry, addictions, individual and group treatment - in the Bay Area and Ontario-Quebec, Canada. She works with people across all ages.



ISPS (International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis)  

 Extensive training, study and on-going dialogue with similar minded professionals    within ISPS.

 AGPA  American Group Psychotherapy Association and its local       affiliate, NCGPS - Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society


Jana Morgan's involvement and ongoing group therapy and individual training speak to her optimism about the healing power of present day relationships. She utilizes a relational model across the client's life span as well as treatment being developmentally and psycho-dynamically informed.



McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

MSW    Masters of Social Work


New York City and off-site in northern California

Louis Ormont Group Psychoanalytic Training Program



"......the more withered the reality...the more gigantic the dream...."


"......the more withered the reality...the more gigantic the dream...."


Please open - as these theoretical and educational underpinnings and credentials are reflected in Jana's work.

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